… and so it began

Writing in Public: an action I’ve truly come to dread.

So, as with many things that push us past our comfort zone, it must be done. A disclaimer may be antithetical to the nature of  Writing in Public, so let’s call this a prelude instead—if only to quell my own anxiety.

I find myself only wanting to publish the most polished, pertinent, and protected artifacts. There are many reasons for this, highest among them is fear.

Fear of performing a past online that I cannot escape.

Fear of professing something I later come to realize wrong.

Fear of retribution for the willingness to present myself in a public where genuine self-disclosure is radical.

These fears are divisive. Complicit in silencing people who ought to speak, who ought to be heard.

This prelude may be closer to an ellipse than an opening paragraph. But with it, I feel more free to share with you.

These posts may not directly address technology and justice each time. Nonetheless, justechne will be a constant beat as I march on through this new endeavor. At times, what seems to be farthest from the point, may have been the missing pause in the music.